Monday, March 10, 2008

Contributorr's Copies.. Wheeeeee!!!

I just got my contributor's copies of Clubhouse. They renamed my story "Tough Shell" - a much cooler title.

They also picked a good illustrator! (I love seeing how my stories are illustrated-- I get giddy when I see them all nicely set on a magazine page. It's so exciting!)

The story seemed a lot better than I remembered it... I'm tempted to sit down with the original and see just how much they edited it-- because it really sings now--

I can't remember if it sung originally, because I worked so darn hard on it that by the time I finally got it to work I was just glad to get a break from it for 6 weeks! =)

But for now, I'll just go post over at Verla's and then get back to attacking a story that's NOT ready yet.....

But Oh! The Contributors Copies! They make me so happy!!!!

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