Monday, February 25, 2008

A Back from Vacation Present!

I just got back from vacation and went through my mail.

I found two impersonal rejections and...

A CONTRACT! I finally managed to write a story for Highlights High Five!

The 150-word or less genre is REALLY tough-- but it feels so good when all the hard work pays off! =)


William F. Folger said...

Hope your vacation was refreshing!
from a “pro-life democrat” who is speaking up – your wish.

Deirdre, I saw on “Some Have Hats” (Feb. 15) your good concern about whether Archbishop Chaput was accurately quoted and that you would look into that. The quote "If you're a Democrat can you legitimately vote for someone who is pro-choice? I imagine so" does raise questions. The problem is that though it could be TECHNICALLY true, it is badly put together. Did you find out whether it was accurately quoted or that a follow-on not quoted removed the problem? Thank you.

Bill Folger

matthew archbold said...

Congrats on selling the story. It's a huge deal.