Thursday, December 6, 2007

Virus Season

Well, we had a week of fevers and vomit, but I think life may be approaching normal again. The kids have their energy back and are dying to play in the snow --I'm still sick and exhausted.

But last night I finally got to read Thirteen Reasons Why.

I don't ususally like "Teen Suicide Novels" but this one was great! I especially liked (without any spoilers) how it showed the self-centeredness at the center of depression. Clay, the main character, was a truly likeable person, which helped make the book readable, even though it was about an audio suicide note.

I'd be interested to know more about Hannah's background-- her descent into madness didn't seem quite as realistic as Sylvia Plath's unless you imagine a more complex backstory that tainted her perceptions of the events in the novel...

But it's a book that BEGS to be discussed. Maybe I'll head on over to the SCBWI website later today and see if anyone's started a discussion of it......

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Anonymous said...

In reference to the book Thirteen Reasons Why, if you didn't find a thread to discuss the book on SCBWI, check on Verla Kay's boards. There was a long thread running on the book.