Thursday, December 6, 2007

One Last Thing

I got a request from an editor for VERY SPECIFIC CHANGES to a story I wrote! I'm over the moon because it's a magazine I've been working really hard to break into.

I always think it's funny when an editor offers suggestions, because the tone is often very deferential--- as if they're afraid of offending by asking me to change my story.....

And I always wonder, "What sort of psychopaths have you had to deal with?"

My thought on editors is that they have their jobs because their good at them. And if they suggest changes, it's usually with good reason and I should swallow my pride and at least TRY to make them work.

But maybe I'm just a flagrant sell-out.

But if the changes really were impossible, I wouldn't make them.... And so far, every time I've taken an editor's advice and then re-read the finished product, the editor has been dead-on.

Plus, since I can't afford ICL, this is a great way to get professional advice for merely the cost of a SASE!


Anonymous said...

they're good at it, not their. sorry, couldn't help it since the post was about editors.

Deirdre Mundy said...

(grins sheepishly)

And mistakes like that one are why I'm convinced that I will always be grateful for editors!