Thursday, December 27, 2007

A great, rip-roaring fantasy adventure

I devoured this book in an afternoon. (Luckily the baby was especially nursey today...)

It's wonderful-- I grew up on the Pern books, but I think this book left McCaffery in the dust. Napoleonic Wars+ dragons and a naval captain unwillingly pressed into service--- I thought this was much more compelling then Lessa's story. And the dragons are more interesting people than the dragons of Pern......

My husbands bringing books #2 and 3 home for me this afternoon.... what fun!

Also, thanks to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for mentioning these books a few months back--- he's not only a great political blogger, he has GREAT taste in SciFi/ Fantasy...... If I could only visit one blog a day, it would be his!

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