Thursday, December 6, 2007

A few reasons why

I prefer children's and YA to adult books, as a rule:

1. When I pick up a children's or YA novel by an author I don't know, it's usually at least worth finishing, and often worth recommending or discussing.

When I browse through new adult books, most aren't that great. I can judge mysteries and Sci Fi by their covers, but literary fiction is a lot more chancy.

2. They're short. So are the chapters. So they fit more easily into my life.

I'm deaf while I'm reading, but come up for air at the end of chapters. So short chapters mean that I don't inadvertently neglect the toddler.

3. They're better edited.

Children's and YA books tend to be very tightly written. (with a few exceptions). I can't STAND it when I'm reading a novel and every fiber of my being is screaming "Where was her editor????" Novels should not be for skimming.

4. The authors of YA seem to do really neat things with POV.

The first person YA novels I read are fun because it's almost like your in a conversation with the narrator... you get their perceptions of events and then you argue with them and challenge them.....

5. Reading them counts as "work" in my twisted world....

Because since I write for kids, it's not really goofing off to read these books. It's market research. right? Right?

Ok... so it's fun too. I really envy the YA librarians who HAVE to read this for professional development and book groups!

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