Thursday, November 8, 2007

Writing on a Schedule

It's something I only dream of these days.

Before Baby #3, I could count on quiet time during Caillou --so I had a VERY PRODUCTIVE 1/2 hour every day. Now it varies. And sometimes my brain is just too fried to even try.

So I've been spending wayyy too much time earning "kinzcash" for the kids.

So now, a new resolution:

No Webkinz until I do at least 1/2 an hour of actual writing-related work - defined as writing, editing, submitting or serious market research.

Reading will NOT count as work because the blogger is so good I'd read her even if I wasn't a writer.

And reading the news, political blogs, etc. (Because they might give me an idea) will not count.

And decorating rooms on Webkinz (to understand the younger generation) will CERTAINLY not count, especially since all my children's "friends" are the kids of my friends, and all of our kids are too young to do too much on webkinz (other than boss us around) and so really the game is just a way to hang out with MY friends on line.

Oh, but in case your wondering, the games on Webkinz are fun--many of them are cute versions of the games I used to play in college while I procrastinated........

But they haven't added a Tetris look-a-like yet......

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