Sunday, November 25, 2007


People who had babies often picture them as seeds, slowly growing and opening to the world. Most babies actually change in fits and starts… Baby #3 has been more like an exploding firework.

In the last two weeks he’s gone from sleepy, hungry and very introverted to Mr. Social Explorer.

He smiles, he laughs, he coos. He likes watching new things. He likes people. He spent ½ of church today smiling at another family’s toddler.

He’s interested in his environment. When he’s fussy, I can distract him by giving him a new object to touch. He kicks at toys on his boppy play gym. He encourages his sisters in their antics, and they vie for his grins.

He still eats and sleeps a lot. But now he talks in his sleep. Everything about him announces “Hello World! Here I am! I’m going to find out all about you!”

(He also thinks I’m funny. For some reason this morning the phrase “Finding the inner you by sculpting in Poo” was particularly hilarious. (I was commenting on the inane offerings of some retreat houses… I think he just likes the rhythm and rhyme. I’ll have to get back into writing baby poems so he can be perpetually entertained…..)

I’ll post some pictures later this week….

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