Monday, October 8, 2007

Rough 2 weeks for babyb #3

So the little guy was 6 lb 11 oz, but over a month early! (What can I say-- we have big babies around here...)

I had an easy labor and delivery (too easy-- after he broke his water bag they needed to put me on pitocin to get things moving...)

#3, not so much.

He was having breathing trouble, and got whisked away to the NICU. He ended up under an oxygen tent and run through with IVs. No one could hold him for 24 hours.

Then, after 3 days, we got to go home... only to return a day and a half later with sky-high bilirubin levels and another three days in the hospital...

We're calling him our 15,000 dollar baby (over and above normal childbirth expenses!)

Having a child in the hospital was the worst experience of my life. I've learned that I'd much rather be in pain myself than see my child suffer.

He's been home for a week now, but on a "bili blanket" to help with his jaundice... so we're pretty much tied to a chair...

Anyway, here's the most pathetic baby's first picture in the world-- I still want to cry every time I see it

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Adrian said...

That's tough Deirdre. Best wishes for baby #3 and hope you get some writing time soon!