Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A muted Hooray!

We went to the Dr. yesterday. Baby's Bilirubin is down to ten (declining faster off the blanket than it was on...) and he gained 5 oz.

He's still not up to birthweight, but at least he's proven that he's willing to eat... so we get another week's grace period before the Dr. starts pushing formula.... (Our Dr. has been really good about this.... he's doing everything he can to let us keep breastfeeding... and I'm planning on hauling in the lactation consultants as well.... but I think this child is finally figuring out how to care about food (he actually woke me up to eat every 1.5 hours last night!!!!! I'm exhausted, but relieved...)

In other news, the girls are down with some flu/fever/vomit/nasal thing... so I'm still too busy/worn down to write.... but not as stressed as I was.... after all, improving baby with fall-virus-stricken sisters is MUCH better than NICU baby. =)

Besides, this means we're getting our annual bout of sick girls out of the way early... and I can tell they're improving. Today they actually care about what video's on while they lay on the couch... enough to squabble over it!

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matthew archbold said...

Congratulations on the baby. It's amazing how glad we can be to be woken up every 1.5 hours. It's a little counterintuitive.
And about blogging. I've simply explained to my 10 week old that the world can simply not go on without my opinions on world events so I simply can't pay attention to him. She didn't react very well but maybe your kids will be more understanding.