Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Babies and sibling rivalry

My almost-two-year-old and I were looking through a cute little book about new babies... it started out fine.

Then the middle third turned into "you'll be cranky and left out and it's ok to be mad..."

So I started editing. Heavily. As in "Hmmm... the girl in this picture has LOTS of markers and paper.... so why is she sad?"

ATYO's answer: "She doesn't have baby!"

I pointed to a picture of a pouty, tantrumy toddler sitting alone while his parents fussed over a new baby. "Well, why is he sad?"

ATYO: "Mommy and Daddy not sharing baby!!!" (Not sharing is a VERY big issue with our toddler these days.... except when she's the one not sharing...)

So clearly, my "Baby's are great, you get to help love the baby" program of indoctrination is paying off.....

As long as I don't get accused of not sharing.....

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Barbara Frank said...

Great minds think alike. I cannot imagine how many books I rewrote as we read them aloud over the years. There is just so much garbage out there, and some of it is subtle enough that you don't discover the bad parts until you're in the middle of the book.

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