Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wrestling with Imaginary Puppies

I have a manuscript I REALLY like. But, after 13 form rejections, I decided that it's time for a major rewrite. So I posted it in the SCBWI manuscript exchange forum.

I got a lot of really good feedback really quickly. So now I'm spending the week wrestling with the manuscript. (Like the epic Zebra battles, but without any external deadlines.)

My challenge? To increase the level of story tension and the amount of action without substantially increasing the word count.

(My kids like stories that are about 750 words tops. While I'm sure they're weird in most respects, I think they're pretty typical in this one. And since I'm aiming for a toddler/preschool story that elicits screams of "Again! Again!", I think I ought to follow their advice on this one. =) )

I've just finished the rewrite... now comes the re-edit with MAJOR trimming.......

My least favorite part. The hardest part. The part that leaves me bleary-eyed and headachey. But it's also the part that turns a good story into a great one and has produced some of my best work (in my opinion, and in the opinions of editors.....) So off to editing I go...

As soon as my three-year-old and I eat a few blueberry pancakes.....

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