Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You know, when I sent the story I'm working on out to the first couple of publishers, I thought it was pretty good. Then I hit 10 rejections, and decided to haul it in for a major re-critique (with different critiquers) and re-write.

It's becoming MUCH better. I sort of wish I hadn't sent it out when I had...

But when I write something I like, I really need the distance and objectivity that comes with having 10 objective parties say "Sorry, we're not at all interested. Actually, we're not even really sorry--this isn't ready for the big-time yet"

Because now I can do the hard, heartless labor of cutting away the dead-rot and making the story all it should be.....

I've noticed that some writers can get the necessary distance without submitting first. I hope I reach that level of self-discipline some day. I also hope that every critique I get gives me new tough questions to ask myself when looking at a manuscript and trying to decide if it's ready.

And now, back to work. procrastinating time is over. And if I finish my chores (house and writing) I can spend a little more time with Bekkah Cooper and the Dogs.

(My number finally came up on the hold-list at the library! =) )

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nita9 said...

Yup. I understand. I know I've submitted some things, and then wondered at the rejection. Then, a few months later, I'd look at the manuscript and say, "I think I understand, now, why they turned it down." (Blushing)

Live and learn. And learn and learn and learn.