Thursday, August 9, 2007

Maternity Leave from Submitting

As my pregnancy progresses, something has to give....

so while I'm keeping up with my writing and revising, I'm giving submitting a break for now.

Why? I have about 30 things out there right now. I can expect replies through January. So I'll still be getting feedback, even if I don't actively submit anything until after Baby #3 appears.

Also, submissions are the most time-consuming writing-related chore I have. Researching guidelines, writing covers and queries, even addressing envelopes all take time and energy that need to be spent elsewhere right now...... (Like writing thank you notes-- I'm so far behind! And trying to finish daughter #2's scrapbook before child # 3 arrives.... Oh... and her baby book too... that has about 3 entries right now! Gosh.... I'm going to be in trouble if I don't get to work..... Maybe I should start blogging milestones... that way I can go back and look for them later to fill out baby books! =) )

And finally, and most prosaically, I'm low on stamps, and don't feel like making a post office run right now. =)

If I write something really suited to a particular magazine I'll send it off, but as far as querying and subbing my stash of picture books? Not right now.....

(And maybe when I start up again, I'll try a few agents.... I would save SO much time and be able to write SO much more if someone else was in charge of the "finding a publisher" thing!)

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