Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of school!

Today was our first official day of home-school pre-school.

Why? Because the school supplies arrived and we were all thrilled and wanted to use them as soon as possible.

My 3 1/2 year old LOVES the fat pencils and special paper to help her learn to write. We also splurged and got a bunch of GIANT magnetic letters, both upper and lower case!

So the three of us (almost-two-year-old could NOT be left out, of course!) spent 45 minutes working on "writing." (My workbook from Kolbe hasn't come yet, so I'm currently in scattershot land)

We practiced O's, lines, and writing names. We traced letters with our fingers, identified all the magnetic letters as they came out of their bags, (3 1/2 -year old knows them all! YAY! I have absolutely NO idea how she learned them, but she's become a pro at picking out letters and numbers on our walks around town), and even practiced sounding out some of our favorites.

I'd thought that my daughter's "reading and writing" attention span would be about 10 minutes at a time (I'm a big fan of "teachable moments" at this age). I was shocked at the whole 45 minute thing... but then, sometimes it's fun just to have Mommy's mostly undivided attention!

Anyway, it was fun all around, and I plan on keeping it as long as the kids are interested... But I don't want to get too formal, since "formal schooling" and three-year-olds really don't mix in my world....

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Nita9 said...

Hi Deirdre!

Wow! Homeschooling! Believe it or not, I was homeschooled most of my life. I went to kindergarten and first grade at a Catholic school, but after that I was homeschooled all the way.

Also, being the eldest of my five siblings, when I graduated highschool, I helped out with homeschooling THEM. So I've kinda experienced it from both sides.

It's great. It's awful. It can be tremendously stressful. But it was important to my mother, so she stuck with it.

A lot of people ask me if I plan to homeschool MY kids. Um...actually no! I did it for 15 years, both as a student and teacher, and pardon me if I'm a little sick of it! I like the idea of putting my kids on a bus and letting someone else come up with the lesson plans and grade the homework. (grin)

But I could do it if I had to. And I always support those who do.

I wish you the best of luck with it!

God bless,