Saturday, August 18, 2007

Birthday Bashed

Well, this is shaping up to be a pretty bad 30th birthday.

My husband had to work, so it was going to be pretty dreary anyway.

Then the kids and I had trouble getting out of the house this morning, so we missed my daughter's ballet class. At least I realized we weren't going to make it when we were halfway there, so we only wasted 16 miles worth of gas instead of 40.......

So I got home, checked my email and found that the book I was REALLY REALLY hoping would get published was rejected just shy of the final cut. At least it's a really good book-- and the publisher was small, so it might have an easier time finding a home somewhere that publishes more than 8 picture books a year......

Now I have to get my kids changed and take them to the beach-- it's 63 degrees, breezy and cloudy--not prime beach weather, but to get them to stop crying about the missed ballet I promised I'd take them so they could splash in the lake and build sandcastles and play on the playground.

Then, once they're sufficiently tired, we'll come back home, I'll pop in a video, and I'll tackle our EXCRUCIATINGLY nasty kitchen while they veg.

And if ONE MORE PERSON asks me what I'm doing for my birthday, I'll scream.
(answer: cleaning the oven.)

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