Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

We had a great day yesterday. We live in Indiana, and our town really knows how to do the Fourth of July.

We took the kids up to the parade. It's only a few blocks from our house. I'd hate to have to drive in, though -- it would be impossible to find parking!

We set up camp near the Knights of Columbus, mostly because it's a. close and b. has bathrooms (a must when you have a pregnant lady and a three year old!)

We brought the wagon and plenty of food and snacks, and we had a great view and even a comfortable place to sit!

The kids LOVED the parade. They hadn't realized that there were so many fire trucks in the whole world! They also loved the "army guys", the horses, the bands, the gymnasts, the color guards, and... well everything! We stayed 2 hours... the parade was still going, but Mommy and Daddy were ready to go home...

Then we had steak and friends for dinner, and went to the fair grounds to see the fireworks.

All in all, a perfect fourth of July...

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