Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Caillou the Martyr

Today PBS showed the Caillou Valentine's day episode-- kind of out of season, don't you think?

Anyway, my daughter was asking about Valentine's Day, so I gave her a quick account of the life and death of Saint Valentine.

She promptly asked "Is Caillou going to get killed too?"
"No dear, he's just going to make paper hearts."
She actually looked DISAPPOINTED about this....

So then I told her about Cyril and Methodius (Also Feb. 14) for good measure. She was especially fascinated with how they made an alphabet for people who didn't have one.

And before anyone asks, we are NOT going to teach her about the Lupercalia at this point... the LAST thing I need is for her to be bloodthirsty AND pagan......

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