Sunday, June 17, 2007

A week with no blogging

I’m sorry about the lack of blogging in the last week. We’ve were on vacation in Virginia, and I’m a little shy about posting notices like “empty house—come and take it all!” on the internet.

We had a nice time visiting the grandparents. The highlight of the trip was a visit to Mount Vernon. Even though I grew up in the area, I’d never been before.

The site is well-maintained with plenty of clean bathrooms and lots of water fountains. Best of all, they’ve made it INCREDIBLY kid friendly! The kids were a bit bored by the house – they preferred the giant doll’s house model, of course.

But they LOVED the “George Washington- Colonial Farmer” exhibit. It’s a small colonial farm, complete with heritage breeds of animals and a working threshing barn! (They got to watch the horses go around and around… a big treat!)

My three-year-old was especially enamored with a set-up that let the kids pound corn into corn meal. The giant wooden mortar and pestle made a satisfying “Thwock” sound with every blow. She could have done it for hours!

I’d like to go back some day when the kids are older… Mount Vernon really takes a whole day, and my kids have a three hour limit before crankiness sets in…

But it WAS educational. The three-year-old listened carefully to the guides and was impressed by George Washington’s tomb. (Behind a high iron fence to keep people from disturbing it.)

As we left, she put the bars and the guide’s talk together and informed us that “George Washington was the first Prisoner of the United States.”

The toddler loved the sheep and pigs, and began a little chant of “Pigs live in piggy house, oink, oink, oink!” until she fell asleep in the car.

If anyone else is traveling to Virginia with kids, Mount Vernon is a MUST SEE.

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