Friday, June 1, 2007

The Siege of Leningrad Begins.....

Cutting the first 100-words is usually fairly easy. Now I'm in the midst of the head-splitting, tooth-grinding work of serious revision.

I've got 67 words to go before I'm under 1200 (the most I can possibly DREAM of submitting without cringing.)

I'm cutting in 10-word chunks. For once, housework seems like a reward-- at least it gives me a break from wrestling with Zebras!

On the positive side, I'm only making cuts that really strengthen the manuscript. So, even if the editor doesn't want it after the rewrite, I've got a much better piece of work to submit to something else.

And every time I have to really fight with a piece, I become a better writer.

Not to mention, the house gets cleaner as I procrastinate! =)

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