Monday, June 4, 2007


My toddler is obsessed with drawing and babies. She follows me around the house all day paper and a pencil. As soon as I sit down, she pounces.

"Draw Babies!" she shrieks.

I oblige by drawing a circle... the essence of a baby.

She then orders me to draw various body parts, backgrounds and accessories.

Then "Draw 'nother Baby!"

If I let it, this could go on for hours.

Recently, she's developed a new tactic. She realizes that Mommy in the Bathroom is a captive audience. And she can open doors. (Our bathroom lock has been disabled... too many small-child-locked-inside incidents.)

So now my five minutes of peace has become five minutes of drawing babies....

I never really knew what true multi-tasking was until I had children.....

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