Thursday, June 7, 2007

Highlights Fiction Contest

The for the Highlights Fiction Contest 2007 are now out. So I can stop my "If I win, I can buy a new couch!" daydreams.

Now I need to start working on my entry for next year's contest. The theme? "Stories Set in the Future."

This should be a lot of fun...... and I'll probably get a few other good stories out of it that aren't for the contest too!

I think my submission for 2007 was pretty strong... I've already got a list of other places to send it....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deirdre. Can you tell I'm procrastinating as well? Saw your blog address on SCBWI and think your writing is great, so figured I'd come and check it out. You've done a great job with this. Very professional looking, entertaining, and upbeat. Good balance for any editors that prowl it. ;) Hope your Zebra rewrite goes well! (Great story).

OK, back to the things I should be doing! :)