Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Garden's In....wheww.....

Well, I finally got my Garden in today. (Up here you're not supposed to plant until after Mother's Day, and Memorial Day is better....)

We're doing a small one this year, since by July or August I won't have much energy. So we've got 36 bean plants (the 3-year-old's personal project), 4 basil plants and 4 tomato plants. Well, also the herb garden of doom (2 kinds of mint and oregano hell-bent on dominating my back yard.)

I also picked up a few annuals for the front yard, because the girls like flowers and it's about time someone on my block bothered to plant some!

It was a loooong couple days of work. But it's in, we're happy, and once I have time to think I'll probably get a few good poems or an easy-read story out of the experience.

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