Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've finished the research for my rewrite and have finished about 1/4 of the writing. I really want to get this out as soon as possible, so I doubt I'll have anything interesting to say to anyone for a few days.

Unless you're especially interested in mole rats. (They turned out not to work with the plot, but WOW! they are so weird..... almost like aliens.....)

Friday, May 25, 2007


I just got a very specific rewrite request from an editor! So the few weeks are going to be an intense whirlwind of research, writing, editing and emergency critiques.

And I have to write the final exam for my Latin class this weekend... The local youth group is going on a huge trip to Alabama (won a contest) and most of my class is in the youth group, so we're compressing the class schedule...

And we'll be driving 12 hours each way for a wedding this weekend....

So I'm happy, excited and pleasantly stressed as deadlines loom.

But blogging will probably be even slower than usual....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rules (finally)

I finally got around to reading Cynthia Lord's Rules yesterday. It was incredible. Jason was my favorite character -- he reminds me of a little girl I babysat when I was in college.

I'm probably the last children's writer in America to read it... but my book buying budget is shot, so I needed to wait until it was actually checked IN at the library.... and it's been very popular!

The Garden's In....wheww.....

Well, I finally got my Garden in today. (Up here you're not supposed to plant until after Mother's Day, and Memorial Day is better....)

We're doing a small one this year, since by July or August I won't have much energy. So we've got 36 bean plants (the 3-year-old's personal project), 4 basil plants and 4 tomato plants. Well, also the herb garden of doom (2 kinds of mint and oregano hell-bent on dominating my back yard.)

I also picked up a few annuals for the front yard, because the girls like flowers and it's about time someone on my block bothered to plant some!

It was a loooong couple days of work. But it's in, we're happy, and once I have time to think I'll probably get a few good poems or an easy-read story out of the experience.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why I'm Glad I don't live in China!

Chinese Population-Control Crack Down

I read a REALLY great book about the situation in China a few months ago...

It was a really thoughtful look at how Chinese population control policies impact the lives of girls in rural families... and a quick read, too!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back from a trip...

We just spent the last week in Illinois, sharing my in-laws' time share.

I didn't do any writing. I never do when I'm on vacation.

I always bring something along. I think "Great! No chores, extra adults, how can I NOT accomplish something?"

Then reality sets in. Vacation means: no childproofing, kids without a routine, and no quiet or privacy.

So absolutely nothing gets done, we get even LESS sleep than usual, and I come back wanting a vacation.

Luckily, we only have two more trips... then I get a break for the rest of my pregnancy and the first four months of baby #3's life...

So after I catch up on Laundry (A week's worth!) and the yard (It looks like a jungle!) I can catch up on writing....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

She put it much better than I did!

Here's another post about the Mom's salary article...

It's a really entertaining rebuttal....

Jennifer Dziura's Rebuttal

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm worth $140,000 a year???

I don't think so. But these people do:

I did my own math here, using small-town rates of pay (and assuming that I really shouldn't get paid for when my husband's helping...)

This is what I came up with:

Housekeeping (not my strong suit, I admit) - $7.00/ hour for 4 hours a day
Teacher (I may be overestimating nursery school salaries here...) $14.00/ hour at 3 hours a day
Cook (more like Bob Evans, less like Emile) - $9.00/ hour for 3 hours a day
Secretary - $10.00 / hour for 1 hour a day....

Assuming I worked just as hard on vacations and weekends (I don't), I'd be worth $39,000 a year to replace... about what I'd be making if I had a full time job, actually!

I think the above calculation went wrong by assuming that the work I do is always top-notch professional quality...

I'm not doing abnormal psychology here.... I'm doing nursery school teacher level psychology....

And I'm not doing all the jobs listed at every moment...

For instance, I just spent 15 minutes reading the article, calculating my own pay, and writing it up..... This is CERTAINLY not pay worthy work! And I'm betting most stay-at-home Moms spend a lot of time not working... just in 15 minute chunks.

Articles like this one are just plain silly...

Time Wasted and Time Well Spent

I'm going to have to start limiting my use of the SCBWI message boards... I'm using them as an excuse to avoid difficult tasks.

On a positive note, thanks to the boards I've recently discovered

It's a really great site.... The editor is fairly harsh at times, but she's got some great advice... especially on how one should read kindly comments in rejection letters...
(Usually meaningless fluff... Read it and move on...)