Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maryland History

I've always wanted to write a mid-grade historical fiction novel, and now that I have Internet access research should be a bit easier.

I'd like to do something that takes place in Maryland in the early 18th century - when the once-Catholic colony was placed under the same harsh anti-Catholic laws that were active in Britain.

I'm particularly interested in the plight of children of Catholic widows -- they could be taken from their mothers and placed into good Protestant homes to ensure a Godly upbringing......

I'm just now starting the research stage. I used to live in MD and still have family in the area, so at least I can combine archive trips with family vacations! =)

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Ghost Girl said...

Hi, Deirdre. I popped over from SCBWI to have a look. I, too, and working on historical fiction--a YA ghost story set in Rochester, NY in 1850. I think that you will find some good information through different historical societies. A lot of them have websites that will at least provide a contact person you might interview. Your topic looks interesting and full of possibilities

I am in the revision process of my WIP, and hope to have one solid revision done by the end of the month.

Congrats on your credits, and good luck with the blog and the HF.