Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Bad Weekend for Writing, But a Great One for Life

I wrote about 600 words this entire weekend. Now, a few of them were part of a picture book, so the slow-going was justified. But some were part of longer pieces too.

My husband, my children, and the gorgeous weather all conspired against my muse, and won.

John had to do homework for the Spanish class he’s taking. (Spanish is becoming more important to librarians and Hispanics are our small town’s largest underserved group.)
It was all audio exercises, which means the kids were not just a distraction, but an actual hindrance.

So I took the girls outside for about 3 hours, without jackets! I let them putter in the dirt with shovels and pails. They played “fishing” with sticks. We played ball, blew bubbles and drew with chalk. Then I let them was the sidewalk off in a homage to one of their favorite “Kim and Carrots” stories.

(My children are obsessed with “Kim and Carrots.” They’ve taught me a lot about what toddlers really want in a story. Short, sweet, and familiar seem to be the keys here…)

So I had a lovely day outside with the girls, but I accomplished nothing. Then, Monday, I had to attend to some long-neglected chores and prepare for my Latin class today.

(I teach Latin to a group of 10 home-schoolers. It’s a great way to keep my skills fresh, earn a little bit of extra money, and have a bit of fun. We use Henle’s Latin course. I LOVE Henle. When my children are 10 or so, I’m going to start them on Henle’s Latin!)

Anyway, I hope to be posting more and writing a LOT more, as the week progresses.
Unless the glorious mid-March weather lures us into the garden instead…


Ghost Girl said...

I know what you mean...I couldn't stand not to go play in the sun with the kids. Isn't it fun to watch them, soak in their wonder and energy? When the first dribbles of spring-time sunshine scatter through the trees, it just wakes up something else in our little sprouts. My daughter couldn't wait to get her bike out and race around the cul de sac. Lots of great ideas and images for PBs.

BUT...the time change--blah! I don't know if you had that trouble, but both my kids had a hard time getting out of bed for school yesterday and today. They're waiting for the sun to wake them up, and now its just not quite bright enough at 7:30 am. But it will be soon enough.

So I'm riding with you on the catch-up wagon. I'm hoping to finish the one add-in chapter and continue with my revisions this week.

Good luck with yours!

Deirdre Mundy said...

My kids are 3 and 1 1/2 so the time change didn't change things much. Since I stay home with them, we're not super-scheduled. They usually sleep until they wake up - which can occasionally give me some GREAT uninterrupted writing and research time. On the other hand, sometimes they wake me up at 5 am, so it's a bit of a trade-off.

I hope to home-school, and I KNOW I'll have to get them on a schedule eventually... but for now I'm enjoying the "take each day as it comes" approach to the early years. I still usually manage a good 45 minutes to an hour of writing time a day, so I'm not doing too badly.

Ghost Girl said...

Ah, yes...the days when children slept during daylight hours! My son took naps until he was 4, but my daughter gave it up at 2 1/2. Oh, I missed that nap time when I was working on my first novel. Now I'm on my second novel, and I have the mornings with both kids in school. So, when I don't have drs appointments or haircuts, I write.

But it is nice to have a schedule. I can't imagine home-schooling my kids. I taught high school for several years, and now I teach one college course. I know the grading load is lighter, but the organizing of that kind of day would be tough for me.

After 3 days of lovely Spring, winter is returning to PA tomorrow. I hope you get some lovely time to write.