Ask the Middle-Aged Homeschooling Mom!

Yesterday, a friend made a joke about how there should be an "Ask Deirdre" advice column. Because I always have advice, and sometimes it's not terrible.  So here we go -- What I've learned in 15ish years of being a mom and homeschooling.

1. You're never going to know what you're doing. Your kids keep changing, your life keeps changing, you'll always be trying to keep your footing atop an ice-slicked sidewalk of life.  So - learn to fall well, get up, and try again. It's the best you can do. I don't know what I'm doing either. I'm just cheerful about my ignorance now.

2. Your kids are going to be who they are. The best you can do is give them a veneer of manners and social skills, and encourage them to be kind. You can't mold them into anything in particular. If you try, you're more likely to deform them than form them.

3. You are not in charge of your kids' relationship with God. It's between Him and them. You can introduce t…

Daylight Savings

I was going to try to blog every day of Lent, but I am tired and frazzled and got kicked in the face by a toddler too often last night.

I, like mothers across the nation, blame daylight savings.

Consider today blogged. I'm off to eat some brains or something.

That Insane Thing I just Did: Finishing an MBA in Six Months

So, I did a thing from September to February, and in retrospect it was sort of insane.

One of my clients really needed me to be an MBA. So I looked at distance programs and decided Western Governor's University was the best value for my money, especially since Indiana has in-state tuition breaks there. 

Then I did the math and realized that if I could finish the program in a single term, it would be an even better investment.  So I did.  Here's what I learned from finishing an MBA in a single term.

 This program is about on par with a mid to lower tier state school, IMO.  So, no, it's not the same thing you'd get at Booth. But Booth is also 100K or more, and will take years of your life and lost income.  So, it's a perfectly reasonable program for "Working adult who needs an MBA to advance."  The readings were decent, when articles were assigned. The textbooks (all e-books and included, so no extra book fees) were..... textbooks. Not awful, not amazing. The…

Notes on Culture from the Hinterlands

We live in a mostly-rural county with a population of 17,000.  We're a peninsula, surrounded by river on three sides. I drive over an hour when I give birth (no, still not pregnant), because I demand a decent NICU and never want to endure a helicopter baby again as long as I live.  So, friends and relations from other parts of the country often ask, WHAT ABOUT CULTURE?My family moved to the DC suburbs when I was 10, and so we were 22 miles from the Smithsonian and the NSO, and surrounded by other towns.   So are my kids growing up in some horrible desert of cultural desolation?

Nope. Not at all. My kids have already seen more, and a greater variety of, professional theater than I saw before leaving for college. And by the time they leave for college, it will be more than I saw before moving to Bloomington, Indiana for a year and getting opera passes.

Every year, St. Meinrad's Archabbey  books the "National Players" tour, and they invite the public to attend for free…

Seven Quick Takes on Penelope


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